Cohorte Platform 1.1.0 released

13 / 07 / 2015

After several months of hard work, Cohorte team has the pleasure to annouce a new release of Cohorte Platform (1.1.0).

Since the first release 1.0.0, we have introduced several new features and improvements to the user experience and the underlying runtime support. The main new features are on the “webadmin” utility that monitors and shows the set of Cohorte nodes and their contents. Users can now monitor any Python components and their runtime containers using this utility. A new update command line was added to facilitate the upgrading of your installed Cohorte distribution. There was also an improvement on Herald, the discovery and messaging framework used by Cohorte isolates. Messages are now self-contained data and metadata objects. Several bugs were also resolved on this release. See CHANGELOG file for more details.

Several issues are always open on Github (mainly improvements). We are working to stabilize this actual distribution while implementing some new prioritized features (like the reactivity of remote services call - when the remote node containing the provided service disapear).

Best Regards,

The Cohorte Team.

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