Documentation - v1.1

Reference Material

Cohorte 1.1 Reference documentation:

  1. What is Cohorte?
  2. Key Concepts
    • Service-Oriented Components
    • Isolates
    • Nodes
    • Composers
  3. Download and install COHORTE distribution
  4. Supported Service-Oriented Component models
    • Pelix iPOPO (Python)
    • Apache Felix iPOJO (Java)
  5. Composition Specification
  6. Creating and Starting Cohorte Nodes
  7. Monitoring and Debuging Cohorte Application
  8. Cohorte scripts and tools
    • cohorte-version
    • cohorte-update
    • cohorte-create-node
    • cohorte-start-node
    • Shell commands
  9. Herald : Discovery and Transport Framework

You can download the full reference material as an HTML file.

Old documentation


Some resources to get started quickly:

  • Getting Started with Cohorte in 10 minutes
    • Creating Cohorte Nodes
    • Implementing Service-Oriented Components
    • Writting the Composition specification
    • Starting the Nodes
    • Monitoring the different Isolates
  • Hello Components Tutorial
    Small Hello World introductory tutorial.
  • Robots Tutorial
    Highlighting the multi-language and distribution features of COHORTE in a simple, yet functional temperature monitoring application.
  • Temper Tutorial
    Highlighting the multi-language and distribution features of COHORTE in a simple, yet functional temperature monitoring application.
  • Spellcheker Tutorial
    An introductory tutorial for Java and Python developers. It highlights the Service-oriented Component-based approach of the COHORTE platform.
  • Arduino LED Tutorial
    How to use COHORTE to export an Arduino micro-controller as a Service used by other components.

Slides and Presentations

COHORTE: Distributed and Reliable Service-Oriented Component-Model Applications (slides)
Quick overview of COHORTE Project
COHORTE Herald: Zero config transport abstraction layer allowing OSGi remote services over the NATs (slides)

Overview of COHORTE Herald connectivity layer
COHORTE Cloud and LEDs demo: The deployment af a COHORTE application as an IBM Bluemix service (slides)

Demonstration of a COHORTE application deployed as an IBM Bluemix service

Scientific publications

Other resources

COHORTE uses two main existing component models as underlying component-based software frameworks. If you are not yet familiar with iPOJO (Java programming) or iPOPO (Python programming) we encourage you to have a quick look to their respective web sites:

  • Apache Felix iPOJO, a flexible and extensible service component model for Java developed by Clément Escoffier.
  • Coderxpress iPOPO, a service-oriented component model (SOCM) framework for Python developed by Thomas Calment.

You need also to have a clear idea about the Service-Oriented Computing in general and OSGi specifications in particular.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture: “Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a software design and software architecture design pattern based on distinct pieces of software providing application functionality as services to other applications. This is known as service-orientation. It is independent of any vendor, product or technology.” (from Wikipedia)
  • OSGi Specification: “OSGi technology is a set of specifications that defines a dynamic component system for Java. These specifications reduce software complexity by providing a modular architecture for large-scale distributed systems as well as small, embedded applications.” (from OSGi Foundation website)