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What is COHORTE?

Solution Overview

COHORTE is a platform for developing and rolling out robust and reliable software. Software produced with COHORTE has a high level of robustness and reliability since its is made up of a range of components and services protected from one another by isolation containers. This modular architecture guarantees that software cannot be paralyzed in the event of failure of one of its components and that, for example, 100% of the data communicated is processed.

This modular architecture ensures automatic service recovery after errors and to supply degraded responses in the event of unavailability of a component. The platform incorporates a range of tried and tested basic components dramatically reducing specific developments, thereby reducing the cost of projects using them. The level of reliability of software produced with COHORTE SDK also reduces operating and maintenance costs for the companies software packages.

Goals and Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using COHORTE to build your software applications. The most evident ones are:

Service-oriented Component-based Applications

COHORTE provides a framework to construct modularised applications consisting of software components that uses software services provided by other components. This approach allows to construct IT applications as mean of a set of components providing and requiring services. COHORET is compliant to OSGi specification.

Multi-language programming

Components in a COHORTE system can be implemented in Java or Python programming languages using Apache Felix iPOJO (Java) and/or isandlatech iPOPO (Python) service-based component-model frameworks. There is also a partial support for .Net components using IronPython component facade (full support for .Net is in the project's roadmap) . You can also wrap other legacy modules implemented in other programming languages by using Python component wrappers. In addition, you can dynamically update the C code without any complications. COHORTE Provides a common implementation for Remotes Services allowing the integration of a mixture of components with zero configuration. Service provider can be implemented using Python and used by another component implemented in Java, and vise versa

Components Distribution

COHORTE developers provide only implementations for the different components providing or requiring services. At runtime, the concrete placement of components in execution nodes is managed by the COHORTE runtime. Two components can work together transparantly even they are located on two seperate machines.

Heterogeneous Environments

COHORTE components can be executed on different kind of devices, from small devices like Raspberry-Pi to big servers whereas having windows, linux, or Mac OS operating systems.

Dynamic Isolation and Resilience

COHORTE automatically prevents and corrects component failures by isolating them and restarting them seperatly from others. Users can also define static isolates in which they put components that are guaranteed to be safe.

Development and Monitoring Tools

COHORTE Platform includes a centralized monitoring web interface for all the running nodes. This interface allows to dynamically watch what is happening in the COHORTE system (Nodes, Isolates, and Components updates)


Cohorte Project is an open source framework hosted on GitHub and sponsored by isandlaTech. To help you developping your business applications using COHORTE, feel free to contact isandlaTech’s support team at contact@isandlatech.com.